Speakers, speakers, speakers. At Tenacious Sound, we have quality loudspeakers for every taste and every budget from the $350/pair Wharfedale Diamond 220s to the $13,000/pair Opera Grand Callas. Choosing the right pair of speakers to fit your lifestyle can be difficult, however--you have to choose the right speakers that will work with your existing amplification, and in your existing room. Most importantly, you'll need to find the right speaker for your ears, speakers that will make you tap your feet, get up and dance--or maybe even have a good cry. We can help. Here are some of the speakers we carry that truly connect with both our hearts and our brains.

Opera Grand Callas--These Italian-made loudspeakers, the flagships of the Opera line, are gorgeous in both sound and appearance. These floorstanding 3-way marvels feature gloss mahogany or gloss walnut veneers sourced from the Venice area, leather baffles, glass tops and fine drivers from SEAS and Scanspeak. At 178 lbs. each, they're not easy to move around, but we'll help you set them up correctly at no additional cost. The sound that emanates from the Grand Callas is absolutely beautiful and will touch your soul.

Brigadiers Audio BA1--Beautifully made Australian two-way monitors that utilize constrained layer damping in the birch-ply enclosures, all topped off with rare Australian veneers such as New Guinea rosewood, brushbox and more. The exotic Raal ribbon tweeter offers a rare and lofty level of high-frequency performance, while the 7" SEAS magnesium driver makes these fairly compact monitors sound like huge, full-range speakers. Expensive due to their bespoke nature--the owner actually gets video updates from the Sydney factory as each custom pair is built--the BA1 offers a level of performance only attained by the finest designs in the world. Tenacious Sound is the first US dealer to represent these masterpieces.

Opera Quinta SE--The nest step down from the Grand Callas in size and cost, the 3-way Quinta produces powerful bass and a crystal clear upper range thanks to a new woven-polypropylene midrange and the stunning Scanspeak 9700 tweeter.

Opera Callas--A stand-mounted 2-way version of the Grand Callas, the Callas monitor offers a large dose of its bigger brother's sound at less than half the cost. These may be 2-way monitors, but they sound like much bigger speakers with impressive low frequencies and the ability to disappear into a room.

Opera Seconda--A 2.5-way floorstander that is one of our absolute favorites at Tenacious Sound. The Seconda is one of those "all-arounders"--a speaker that does everything well. It has plenty of bass, great imaging, impressive soundstaging and a glorious midrange balance. For just $4200/pair, we think nothing else outperforms it for the price.

Axis VoiceBox S--This award-winning Australian mini-monitor is used at some of the finest mastering studios in its native country, but it's the rare studio monitor that is very listenable, engaging and musical. Featuring high quality parts in a stunning gloss black enclosure, the VoiceBox will provide you with an unparalleled sense of detail, focus and balance.

Opera Prima--This medium-sized two-way monitor knocked us for a loop when we first heard it in January of 2016. Basically a monitor version of the stunning Seconda, the Prima offers prodigious bass, stunning imaging and a seductive, intriguing balance. We believe that both the Prima and the VoiceBox S are the finest two-way monitors at their price point but are voiced differently--it's up to you to decide which one is perfect for you.

Quad Z2--These gorgeous two-way monitors from Quad sound big and spacious, with tight and punchy bass and sweet extended highs thanks to its high quality ribbon tweeter. After spending time with the Z2s, we at Tenacious Sound realized that we had one of the best selections of high-quality two-way monitors under $2500 in the country, and the Z2s belong right at the top of that class.

Wharfedale Reva 3--The price/performance ratio of the Reva 3s is simply off the charts. They look gorgeous, they sound spectacular and they cost only $1500/pair. We've never heard a loudspeaker at this price point sound so big, spacious and effortless. Before you spend more than $2000 on a pair of speakers, you need to come in and hear these!

Quad S2--We have to keep kicking ourselves whenever we hear the Quad S2s in our store. Are they really this good for $1400/pair? Are they really this well-balanced? When it comes to affordable two-way speakers at Tenacious Sound, this is the one we like to recommend to all our clients.

Wharfedale Diamond 225--Incrementally larger than the Diamond 220 and just $100 more per pair, the Diamond 225 shocked us with its huge soundstage and deep yet tight bass. This amazing gem sounds better than a lot of $1000/pair speakers we know, and you'll keep pinching yourself while listening to them--why are these only $450/pair?

Paradigm Atom v.7--The original version of the Atom, released back in the '90s, was one of the first "punch-above-its-weight-class" speakers on the market. In its seventh iteration, the Atom is an even better speaker with a solid enclosure, better drivers and an overall sound quality that seems impossible at $398/pair.

Wharfedale Diamond 225--The now classic Diamond 220 is the sonic benchmark for $350/pair loudspeakers, but for $100 more you get a slightly larger cabinet, a larger woofer and surprisingly huge sound. If your loudspeaker budget is $500 or less, start with the 225s and then listen to everything else. We think you'll come right back to these Wharfedales every time.

Wharfedale Diamond 220--The most affordable speaker we carry at Tenacious Sound, and in many ways the most impressive. We haven't heard a $350/pair of speakers this good since the '70s, when that amount of money used to buy a lot more speaker. Nice bass control, vivid soundstaging and an easy choice for someone who wants great sound for a modest amount of money.