Home Theater Sales and Installation--At Tenacious Sound we can design and install all types of home theater and surround-sound systems in your home. We also work with trustworthy electricians and construction services to deliver professional, satisfying results. Give us a call and we'll take care of everything!

Turntable Set-Up and Fine Tuning--If you buy a turntable, cartridge and tonearm from Tenacious Sound, we'll always set it up for free. But if you have an older turntable sitting around and you think it needs to be checked out, bring it in and we'll take a look. We can get it up and running for a reasonable fee depending upon the make and model.

Delivery--Let's say you just bought a pair of Opera Grand Callas loudspeakers. We're not going to make you load them in your car and take them all the way home--they weigh 200 pounds each! If you live in the Syracuse area, we can deliver your purchases to your home and even hook them up--it's all part of our commitment to customer service. We want to ensure that you're happy with every single purchase you make at Tenacious Sound.