When it comes to assembling a high-quality hi-fi and home theater systems, synergy is everything. At Tenacious Sound we aren't interested in selling products that may or may not work with your current system. Our digital and analog experts know how to match components that work well together, and how to build complete systems that will offer, as a whole, the finest sound quality available for the money.

Loudspeakers must be matched carefully to amplifiers for the best results. Tonearms and phono cartridges must also be considered as partners that must work well together, as do cartridges and phono preamplifiers. We can help you make the right choices. Here are a few of our basic system recommendations.

Unison Research and Opera--These two Italian companies are owned by the same family, and they are designed and built in side by side factories outside of Treviso. They're also voiced together, so buying a Unison Research amplifier and a pair of Opera speakers is always a good idea. Even the low-powered Unison tube amplifiers, such as the 12wpc Simply Italy and the 14wpc Preludio, work well with nearly every Opera speaker in the line. But at Tenacious Sound we have discovered some beautiful Unison/Opera combinations that are exceptional:

Unison Research Simply Italy integrated amplifier/Opera Prima loudspeakers

Unison Research S6 integrated amplifier/Opera Callas loudspeakers

Unison Research Unico Primo integrated amplifier/Unison Research Unico CD Primo CD player/Opera Mezza loudspeakers

Unison Research Unico 150 integrated amplifier/Unison Research Unico CD Due digital transport and DAC/Opera Grand Callas loudspeakers

Quad Artera Stereo amplifier/Quad Artere Play preamp-digital player-DAC/Quad Z2 loudspeakers--A beautiful, streamlined all-Quad system that produces a full-range sound without taking up a lot of space. The Artera Stereo features 140wpc, so it can drive the ribbon tweeters on the Z2 to deliver sweet highs, as well as visceral lows from the woofer. The Play offers all sorts of connectivity options so your system can grow with technological advances. This system offers both amazing sound and astonishing good looks!

Naim UnitiQute with Opera Prima Loudspeakers--The Naim UnitiQute combines an awesome-sounding 30wpc integrated amplifier with a DAC, a digital streamer, multiple digital and analog inputs and outputs, wireless connectivity, headphone amplifier and even a built-in FM tuner in one compact box. The Primas are efficient speakers that can take the Naim's 30 watts and turn them into a beautiful wall of sound! This system performs at an amazingly high level and takes up very little space.

Quad Vena integrated amplifier/Quad QSV Elite amplifier/Quad S2 loudspeakers--With this system you get the classic Quad sound--refined, detailed and relaxed--with modern connectivity options. You can start off with just the Vena and S2s for a compact, great-sounding system and then add the QSV later to increase the power from 45wpc to 140wpc...a powerhouse!

The Rega Entry-Level System--Rega, the legendary UK company, has always been known for the value and synergy of its all-Rega systems. You can combine Rega turntables, Rega cartridges, Rega amplifiers, Rega CD players and Rega speakers and get truly wonderful sound. For a great-sounding entry-level analog system that will satisfy you for many years to come, consider the Rega RP1 turntable/arm/cartridge combo ($450), the Rega Fono Mini phono stage ($175), the Rega Brio-R integrated amplifier ($995) and the Rega RS1 bookshelf speakers ($800). You won't find a better complete system for this amount of money.

Unison Research/Hifiman Ultimate Headphone System--If you're looking for the ultimate headphone system that will get you closer to the music than ever before, then Tenacious Sound has the answer. Just pair the Unison Research SH headphone amplifier/DAC with the Hifiman Edition X planar headphones and you'll esperience unparalleled sound, resolution and comfort. All you need is a source, but with the built-in DAC in the SH that part will be easy. But you really want to visit our store in Armory Square in downtown Syracuse, where we have the SH and the Edition X mated to the Unison Research CD Due digital/transport DAC. Your ears will never be the same.

Axis VoiceBox S loudspeakers and any powerful amplifier--The Axis VoiceBox S monitor loudspeakers offer incredible resolution, detail and musicality. These award-winning monitors have below-average sensitivity (85 dB with an impedance of 5 Ohms), so you need a little juice to hear their awesome potential. The Axis VoiceBox S was debuted in the US a few years ago with the Unison Research Triode 25, which can be switched from 22wpc pure triode (which didn't work with the Axis) and 45wpc (which did). So we recommend a minimum of 50wpc with the Axis. Mate them with any integrated amplifier from the Unison Research Unico hybrid line and the sound is extraordinary.