At Tenacious Sound, we carry headphones from such brands as Hifiman, Grado, Paradigm, Aedle, Audioquest and more. Each model we carry is special in its own way and offers incredible sound--or else we wouldn't carry it! But here are just a few headphones that we recommend...and love!


HifiMan Edition X--At $1800, this is the most expensive pair of headphones that we currently carry at Tenacious Sound--so it better be great! But if you spend just a few minutes listening to the planar headphones, you'll know why they're one of the finest-sounding products we offer. The Hifiman Edition X offers a warm, open and inviting sound that will allow you to hear every single detail in a recording--all without sounding overwhelming or bright. They are also easy to drive, and exceedingly comfortable so that you can listen to them for hours without fatigue. Most premium headphones on the market sound congested and small compared to these.

Audioquest Nighthawk--Attractive, comfortable and with a nicely balanced sound, the Audioquest Nighthawk is a winner at the price.

Hifiman HE-560--You'll need a headphone amplifier with plenty of power before these headphones open up and show their true potential, but they come close to the magnificent Edition X at a fraction of the price.

Hifiman HE-400--This one has us saying wow over and over. Such a great sound, such a comfortable fit, such a low price. If there's a no-brainer in the world of headphones, this is it.

Meze 99 Classics--Gorgeous styling, comfortable fit, great sound and far more affordable than you would think. One of our newest additions to Tenacious Sound, these headphones are destined to be true classics indeed!

Hifiman Edition S--With these over-the-ear headphones, you can enjoy the impressive signature sound of Hifiman for a relatively reasonable price...just $250. You'll hear the same open and warm voicing that you get from their more expensive cans, which is a cause for celebration!

Grado SR-225--Grado headphones, made in Brooklyn USA, offer quality headphones from $80 to almost $2000. The 225s, however, are considered by many to be the sweet spot in the line with amazing resolution for the money.

Grado SR-60--The low-cost leader at Tenacious Sound. You'll be surprised how good these sound for a mere $80. These will remind you of the '70s, when you could get an amazing-sounding pair of cans for a two-figure price. 


Unison Research SH--With this gorgeous Italian-made headphone amplifier, you get everything. Warm and expressive tube sound, adjustable sensitivity for all types of headphones, a choice between a line input and USB, two jacks and an amazing DAC that upsamples at every rate you can imagine. You even get DSD 64 and DSD 128! If you have a high-quality pair of headphones, the SH will allow them to reach their ultimate potential.

Quad PA-One--This is another combination tubed headphone amplifier and DAC, but it also features a pre-out so you can use it as a preamplifier in a more traditional two-channel system as well. Made by one of the oldest and most respected audio manufacturers in the world, the PA-One is compact, beefy and powerful and extremely well-made, and its sound is crystal clear, delicate and spacious.

Carot One Ernestolone--Tiny, orange and Italian, this little tubed wonder combines a headphone amp, a DAC and a 15wpc integrated amplifier in a package that fits in the palm of your hand.

Heed Elixir--This Hungarian wonder is a full-featured integrated amplifier with a built-in MM phono stage, but it's worth noting that the inboard headphone amp sounds absolutely fantastic. Here at Tenacious Sound, we often use the Elixir to evaluate our headphones!

Rega Ear--Excellent basic headphone amplifier from a legendary UK manufacturer. The Ear is small enough to tuck away out of sight, but good enough to use with quality headphones.