Digital technologies are developing at an incredibly fast rate! At Tenacious Sound, we think you'll be amazed at some of the newest digital products which will change the way you look at music. Come on in and we'll demonstrate wireless components, digital players and a wide variety of incredible, mind-bending gadgets.

Unison Research Unico CD Due--Unison Research is probably one of the last companies out there making great-sounding CD players. This year, however, they decided to enter the 21st century with a new CD player--a digital transport and DAC that allows all sorts of connectivity options such as Bluetooth, a wide array of digital inputs and outputs, hi-rez upsampling rates, DSD and more. They haven't forgotten their valve-based roots, however--the CD Due contains 4 12AX7 tubes for beautiful, seductive Italian sound.

Naim Mu-so QB--This 8" cube will change the way you listen to music--this is the "boom box/table radio" of the future! Incredible bass that fills the room and doesn't sound like it's coming from a single point in space? Check! Access to thousands of Internet radio options via your smart phone? You got it. Support for Spotify, Tidal and whatever network you already have in your home? Of course. Come in to Tenacious Sound and let us show you the QB--like us, you'll become totally addicted to this amazing little box.

Naim UnitiQute 2--All of the cool features of the Mu-so, but in a package that's more suited in two-channel audio systems. The UnitiQute starts off with a 30wpc integrated amplifier that adds all sorts of wireless connectivity options, analog and digital inputs and even a built-in FM tuner! Just add a pair of speakers and you have just about everything you need for a high-quality sound system in your home--and you can control it all from your smart phone or tablet. This versatile little box is crazy good for a reasonable amount of money.

Quad Vena--Looking for an all-in-one solution for your digital needs? The Vena is a compact integrated amplifier that offers all sort of connectivity options such as Bluetooth, USB and much more. Incredibly easy to use and blessed with amazing sound, the Quad Vena might become the first and last digital product you'll need.

Paradigm Shift--Another pocket-sized headphone amplifier and DAC that connects between your favorite headphones and your digital source (laptop, tablet, smart phone) and sounds absolutely awesome.

HRT Microstreamer--A tiny little device that contains a tiny little headphone amp, a tiny little USB interface and a tiny little line input that uses your smart device to power your favorite headphones when you're on the go. Plug the HRT into your phone, tablet or laptop, connect your favorite set of headphones and you'll be simply astonished at how good it sounds.