Headphones: Style vs. Comfort

Audiophiles are famous for stating that sound quality is the most important aspect of audio, and that all other considerations are secondary. Perhaps that's why there are so many subjectively unattractive products out there--because, as audiophiles declare, what goes inside of a component is far more important than what goes on the outside.

One hi-fi segment where this is absolutely untrue is in the world of headphones. Sure, sound quality is very important when you're shopping for a new pair of cans. But there's one more thing that's equally important...


You see, sound quality and comfort work closely together when it comes to headphones. Here's an example. Recently we were evaluating and comparing two brands of very highly regarded headphones at Tenacious Sound. One sounded slightly better and the other was far more comfortable. We decided that we'd rather own the more comfortable set.

Why? Because if you're listening to a pair of headphones that sound great but make you feel uncomfortable, you'll eventually experience listening fatigue. It doesn't matter how good they sound, you'll get sick of listening to them.

Now imagine another set of headphones that are super comfortable. You'll relax more when you listen to them. Soon you won't even realize they're on your head. When you're comfortable and relaxed, music just sounds better.

That's why you need to listen to headphones before you buy them. One of the main reasons why people return headphones after they buy online is that they don't fit right. So it makes sense to come in to Tenacious Sound and sit for a while and listen. When you relax and let yourself melt, you'll know you've made the right buying decision.