Les Davis Audio 3D² Constrained Layer Damping

High-end audio is full of all sorts of tweaks--little things you can do to fine-tune the sound of your system. Some of the product tweaks out there work, and some require a little imagination so you'll feel as if you got your money's worth.

It's not often that a simple, effective and affordable tweak comes along, but Les Davis Audio 3D² (pronounced three-D-squared) definitely fits that description. These metallic discs can be placed under component feet, under power supplies and even placed between speakers and stands for improved vibration control throughout your home entertainment system.

3D² uses constrained layer damping (CLD) technology to dampen vibrations. CLD has been used for years to isolate precision equipment in aviation and aerospace--so it's a proven way to control vibrations. CLD consists of a layer of damping material that is sandwiched between two stiffer layers--that's it. Simple and effective.

You can come in to Tenacious Sound for demonstration of Les Davis Audio's 3D². Better yet, take a box home and test them inyour own sound system. So far, everyone has heard a remarkable improvement--noise floors are lowered and more music seems to flow through into your head.

3D² is available for a limited time at a special introductory price of just $99 for a box of 16. Come on down to 270 W. Jefferson St. in Syracuse and listen to 3D²!