Are Vacuum Tubes Right For You?

If you've visited Tenacious Sound in Syracuse, you've probably noticed that we love tube amplifiers. We love them so much that we even carry headphone amplifiers, CD players and other hi-fi components that are driven by tubes.

The reason to choose hi-fi components that are powered by valves instead of transistors (which is also referred to as solid-state) usually focuses on one reason--sound. Tube amplifiers often have a warmer, richer sound that many people find more to their liking. Solid-state amps have their own set of strengths--they are usually more powerful and have greater control in the lowest bass and the highest treble. But there's something about that tube sound that seduces many music lovers.

But is a tube amplifier right for you? In the past, many people shied away from tubes because, like the light bulbs they resemble, they need to be replaced every so often. Some tube types are downright expensive. In addition, an amplifier that has tubes that run hot may not be ideal for houses with pets and small children.

That's why Tenacious Sound focuses on tube amplifiers that are reliable and safe, and use tubes such as EL34s, 12AX7s and KT88s that are inexpensive, plentiful and last a long time.

We can also teach you how to care for your tube hi-fi components so that they will last a lifetime. For example, we'll show the correct order for turning off your components in a tube-based system (the power amplifier should always be the last component turned on and the first one turned off) and how to avoid blowing fuses and tubes (never unplug anything while a tube amplifier is on).

So if you've been thinking about buying a tube amplifier, come on over to Tenacious Sound and we'll show you some of the most beautiful-sounding tube amplifiers in the world!