Listening to New Music from Your Favorite Bands...the 21st Century Way

Your favorite band just released a new album?

Just a few years ago, that meant jumping in your car and driving down to the local record store, plunking down your money and driving all the way back home to listen to it on your home stereo.

I was thinking about that this weekend, when Radiohead released their new and possibly last album, A Moon Shaped Pool. The reviews have been stellar, with critics saying it's one of their most beautiful and accessible albums ever. I thought to myself, well, I better go online and order it.

And then I realized something. Here at Tenacious Sound, we have plenty of music streaming options. You don't have to order new music and wait. You don't have make a trip to the local record store-assuming you even have one in your town anymore.

I turned on the Naim Mu-so QB from my iPhone, logged onto Tidal and there it was, A Moon Shaped Pool, ready to go. And it was really good, one of Radiohead's best.

Having access to your favorite music is so incredibly easy in 2016. Visit us at Tenacious Sound and we'll show you how to keep it all at your fingertips any hour of the day!