The Ultimate Music Box

At first glance, the Naim Mu-so QB looks like one of those boutique table radios from a well-known high-end audio company that features above-average sound and a big price tag. Then you start playing around with this humble-looking 8" cube and you quickly realize just how extraordinary the Mu-so QB is.

First of all, the sound is incredible. You've never heard bass this deep from a "table radio" before. It thumps, shakes the walls and hits you in the chest. The sound is immersive as well--this isn't a small box with one or two drivers--the QB has two bass drivers, two midrange drivers and two tweeters, all facing in three different directions. Walk into a room where the Mu-so is playing and you'll be astonished that it's coming from such a small cube.

Then you start playing around with the features. After loading the Naim app onto your smart phone, you have instant access to hundreds and hundreds of internet radio stations featuring hundreds of genres from hundreds of countries around the world--most of it in high-rez formats. The app is user-friendly and amazingly fun to use.

The Naim Mu-so QB also supports music download services such as Spotify, Tidal, Apple AirPlay and more. That's when the fun really starts. If one of your favorite songs pops in your head, you can pull out your phone and have it playing in seconds. You can also hook-up digital sources through Bluetooth, USB, name it.

Put this on your nightstand and you'll never get out of bed. Take it to your beach house and you'll never see the ocean. The Mu-so is that addictive, that fun and that good. Come to Tenacious Sound and ask us for a demo. You'll want it.