The Heed Elixir--The Little Amp That Can

I've known about Heed products for quite a while. They're from Hungary, they're small and they have some serious engineering behind them. In fact, the Heed Obelisk SE integrated amplifier and its outboard X2 power supply were the last pieces of gear I reviewed professionally. At the time I declared the $3000 combo as my choice for the best solid-state amplification under $5000. I still believe that.

I first heard their new entry-level Elixir integrated at an audio show last year, paired with the tiny Trenner & Friedl Suns (so tiny, in fact, that you can pick one Sun up with a single hand). It was the best sound I heard at the show.

Now we have the compact Elixir here at Tenacious Sound, and I'm still in awe of this mighty little beast. No matter the speakers I choose, they always sound their best with the modest little Elixir.

First of all, it has plenty of features. This is no minimalist audiophile amp--you get an excellent moving-magnet phono stage, a built-in class A headphone amp that can stand on its own and 50 watts per channel--enough to drive almost any speaker in the market.

A couple of reviews state that this amp was designed for beginners who want it all for not a lot of money. (It's only $1295, making it a steal!) But it's more than that. It sounds so flat-out awesome that it will make even the well-heeled hi-fi enthusiasts wonder if this is all they ever need.

It is! Come in and listen for yourself.