Don't Judge a Speaker By Its Box

We carry many different loudspeakers at Tenacious Sound. Both of our sound rooms are full of them. We carry all types of speakers, ranging from $350/pair to the five-figure range. We have speakers for every taste and every budget.

Still, customers often look at two separate pairs of speakers and wonder why one pair cost a few hundred dollars, and the pair sitting next to them may be two, three, five...even ten times the cost! These two pairs may even be roughly the same size, and with the same amount of drivers. What's the deal?

The easy answer, for us at least, is to have you sit down and listen to the difference between the two speakers. In most cases the more expensive speaker will have greater detail, deeper bass, higher highs--it will just sound more musical.

The more accurate answer is a little more detailed. In many cases the parts inside the speakers are more costly. The drivers may be more expensive, the internal wiring may be of a higher quality and the crossover design may be a little more complex.

Any manufacturer will also tell you that the most expensive part of a loudspeaker is the enclosure. Cabinets may be made out of plastic, plywood or rare, beautiful veneers sources from all over the world. The enclosure might just be a box, or it might have lots of internal bracing that requires a master carpenter's touch.

In most cases, this attention to detail will drive up the cost of the final product. But none of this matters if it doesn't improve the performance of the speaker.


I still remember back when I was young and just starting out in the hobby. I was visiting a high-end audio dealer, and I noticed a small but pricy pair of British mini-monitors in the corner. They were sporting what I thought was a rather large price tag. "Why do those little speakers cost so much?" I asked the salesman and he rolled his eyes. It took several years before I realized my mistake.

You certainly won't get treated like that at Tenacious Sound. We'll be glad to answer all of your questions, even "Why do these cost more than those over there?" We'll be happy to explain, and we'll be happy to let you hear the differences for yourself.