At Tenacious Sound we want to be THE analog experts in Central New York. We always have LPs ready to spin in our store, located in Armory Square in the center of downtown Syracuse. Here are some of our favorite products for the vinyl lover in you.


Unison Research Giro--This gorgeous turntable/arm/cartridge combination is made for Unison Research by Clearaudio, but most of its features were designed by Giovanni Saccheti, the chief designer at Unison. The Giro features a unique bearing assembly, a unique motor, an ingenious magnetic anti-skate mechanism and beautiful pieces of Italian cherry that have been placed strategically on the plinth to reduce resonances. Even the cartridge that's supplied--the Unison Research UN1--starts off as a Clearaudio Virtuoso that has had its body replaced with aged Italian tonewood for a warm, truly expressive sound.

Rega RP6--Rega is a world leader when it comes to producing turntables that are reliable and sound great. The RP6 is located right in the middle of the line and builds on the strengths of these classic turntables through an innovative glass platter that has concentric rings so that it acts as a true flywheel. Add a heavily-braced plinth, a class-leading tonearm and an outboard power supply that reduces vibrations and you have a modestly-priced turntable that offers the same high-quality performance as some of the big 'tables.

Avid Ingenium--Avid is known for their amazing high-end turntables, so it came as a surprise when they introduced the entry-level Ingenium for a mere $1500. Sporting a minimalist look that combines simplicity with impressive engineering, the Ingenium offers a focused, detailed sound unheard of at this price point.

Rega Planar 3--This classic turntable has just been updated once more in 2016, with design improvements made in every single aspect of the design. After spending some time with this turntable in the Tenacious Sound showrooms, we believe that it is not only by far the finest Rega 3-series ever, but that this venerable UK company can once again wear the "Best Turntable Under $1000" crown!

Rega RP1--The little RP1 continues to amaze us every day. $450 gets you a superb 'table/arm/cartridge combo that manages to sound so much better than most of those budget 'tables that are unreliable and made from the cheapest of materials. Easy to set up, this is THE best turntable for the first-time analog lover.

Denon DP-300F--For a little over $300, you can have it all. The Denon is well-made, fully-automatic budget turntable that even has a built-in MM phono stage so you won't have to worry about buying an additional phono preamp to spin your favorite LPs. Other $300 turntables look and sound like toys compared to this Denon. A perfect match for the wonderful Ortofon 2M Red cartridge, too.


The Wand--These distinctive looking tonearms from New Zealand are reasonably priced but are right at home on some of the most expensive turntables in the world. The thick carbon fiber arm tubes are four times more rigid than conventional arm tubes. Available in three arm lengths--9", 10.3" and 12"--these unipivots offer a solid, detailed sound that will convince you why analog is still king.

Rega--Did you know that Rega has sold more stand-alone tonearms than any other company in history? Rega tonearms are extremely well-made, reliable, easy to use and are very affordable. Best of all, they work with most brands of both cartridges and turntables.


Soundsmith Carmen--Made in the USA by the legendary Peter Ledermann, Soundsmith is one of the rising stars in the world of analog. The Carmen represents the middle of the line, a high-output moving iron cartridge that is compatible with most phono preamplifiers. It offers the same relaxed, detailed sound that you'll find with many expensive low-output moving coils!

Denon DL-103/DL-103R--Want a great-sound low-output moving coil cartridge but don't want to pay low-output moving coil prices? That's easy--buy a Denon 103! The original 103 has been around since the 1960s and they still stand up to more modern competition. The 103R is a more modern variant that offers a slightly different output as well as a slightly different sound. Both are known for offering amazing sound for a ridiculously affordable price. These two classics are still being used by analog experts in the know!

Ortofon 2M Blue--This modestly-priced cartridge will help you get the most out of your inexpensive turntable! Whether you have one of the lower-priced Regas, a vintage 'table or even the Technics SL1200, the Ortofon 2M Blue is the one that will add life and light to your music.

Ortofon 2M Red--Does it get any better than this? The 2M Red costs a shade over $100, but it will sound like a $200 to $300 cart when properly set up. This is an easy recommendation for anyone who wants great analog sound but doesn't want to spend a lot of money.


Unison Research Phono One--This all-tube, two-chassis phono pre is a classic that's been around for more than 20 years. If you have a solid-state hi-fi system, the Phono One can deliver that warm, tubey sound you've been craving. This Italian-made beauty is covered with your choice of real mahogany or real cherry, all sourced locally from the Venice area. Suitable for all MM and MC cartridges.

Soundsmith MMP3--Whisper quiet and perfectly matched to all of the high-output Soundsmith cartridges, this tiny phono stage provides a big, clean sound that will make your LPs sound more vivid and realistic.

Rega Mini Phono--This tiny little UK-made MM phono stage is perfect for your all-Rega system. Works perfectly with all entry-level turntables and will give you a taste of that analog magic--all for just a couple of hundred bucks!