We have a huge selection of amplification at Tenacious Sound--solid state, tubes and even a hybrid line that's a little bit of both! Here are a few of our recommendations:

Unison Research Performance Anniversary and Sinfonia Anniversary--Walk into our showroom in the back of the store and the first thing you'll notice is these two beautiful behemoths, all gleaming copper and glass and Italian cherry. The Performance Anniversary ($15,500) and the Sinfonia Anniversary ($7500) are statement products for Tenacious Sound, proof that we are completely serious about featuring the finest high-end audio gear in Central New York. Gorgeous in sound as well, these two integrated amplifiers deserve to be heard by every serious music lover.

Unison Research Unico 150--This is the brand new flagship integrated amplifier from this Italian company's hybrid Unico line. It features 150wpc at 8 ohms and 220wpc at 4 ohms, so it will drive anything. A solid-state power amplifier section provides the juice, and the tubes in the preamp section give it that warm, emotional sound that will keep you listening to your favorite music late into the night.

REDGUM Audio Black Series--This highly-regarded Australian brand makes high-current amplifiers that specialize in driving inefficient loudspeakers that dip below 2 ohms. You need lots of power? The REDGUM amps deliver in a big way, and sound great doing so. The Black Series consists of the RGi35ENR (65wpc), RGi60ENR (125wpc) and the mighty RGi120ENR (175wpc). Until now, REDGUM has been the Australian secret for driving Magnepans without spending a fortune on big, expensive amps.

Quad Artere Power/Artere Play--The Artere Power is a compact 140wpc power amplifier, and the Play is its matching CD transport/DAC/preamplifier. Together they are a beautiful, compact and great-sounding new product combination from this legendary English company.

Unison Research Simply Italy--This small all-tube integrated features only 12wpc, so you'll need to pair it with an efficient pair of speakers. Do that, and you'll have one of the finest amplifiers you can buy for listening to intimate acoustic music. So good that Sam Tellig of Stereophile owns one!

Peachtree Audio Nova 220SE--This integrated amplifier/DAC combo is a true Swiss Army knife in the audio world, with versatile connectivity, tons of features and exceptional sound. It even has a 6922 tube in the preamp for a warmer, more engaging sound!

Heed Elixir--This beautifully-made and realized integrated amplifier from Hungary sounds much better than any $1200 amp has a right to do. Plus, it has an excellent built-in headphone amplifier and an outstanding inboard MM phono section, all in a very small package that's easy to live with.

Quad Vena--Need a compact integrated amplifier with tons of wireless options such as Bluetooth? Worried about digital products that are difficult to use? The Vena is the answer. Intuitive and easy to use, this Quad amplifier has it all for a truly remarkable price.

Rega Brio-R: Hands down the best-sounding integrated amplifier you can buy for under $1000. The Brio has set the standard at this price point for many years now, and the latest version is more compact and more flexible than ever.